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AxolotlSMP Rules

AxolotlSMP Rules

To ensure that everyone has a toxic-free, safe and enjoyable environment these rules are here to help! If you have any questions please open up a ticket in our Discord server ( and we will respond as soon as possible.

▪ 1. Rules will change >>> This is more of a statement but rules can change at any given time to prevent loopholes and to reinforce our core values are being respected.

▪ 2. Only Verified Links >>> We cannot verify every link that is sent in any chat. All verified links can be found in our discord server

▪ 3. English Only >>> We respect your ethnicity and your culture. However to ensure that our moderation team can remove malicious messages every message must be in English or a form of it.

▪ 4. Exploiting Loopholes >>> We are not perfect. Our rules are not perfect. Our goal is to be a platform of fun, support and love

▪ 5. NSFW 18+ Content >>> Please keep all conversations, images, links, and innuendos to be safe. This will include in-game builds/signs/item names/skins.

▪ 6. Unsolicited DMs >>> Do spam messaging people and be disruptive in their DMs.

▪ 7. Edating >>> You may find relationships on the server but please keep the edating to a minimum. Not everybody is comfortable with you "uwu"ing with each other in the Discord. DMs is where you should do it!

▪ 8. Disrespect & Hate & Judgement >>> Do NOT harass, insult, degrade, excessively mock or disturb anyone ANYWHERE on AxolotlSMP. We are a platform of love and understanding. We accept everyone and we are LGBTQIA+ friendly.

▪ 9. Arguments & Drama >>> Drama and arguments should be kept to a minimum in a public space. Please take all of your drama and arguments to DMs.

▪ 10. Spam >>> Everyone knows and hates spam. Please keep it to a minimum. This includes low quality posting memes, emojis, copypastas and the like.

▪ 11. Punishment Evasion + Aiding Evasion >>> Do not try to get around our punishments. They're there for a reason. Aiding the punished user by sending messages for them will be punished.

▪ 12. DDOS/DOX/Hacking/Swatting >>> This is absolutely NOT allowed on AxolotlSMP and even jokes will be treated severely.

▪ 13. Staff Harassment >>> We will NOT take any harassment or hate for our staff. No matter which department. A staff member has the final interpretation of our rules, if you have an issue with the decision please open a ticket in our discord server (

▪ 14. Griefing/Insiding >>> Betrayal and griefing has been a thing since Minecraft came out. We are NOT responsible for you trust to your claim and action may or may not be taken depending on the situation however. This is looked down upon.

▪ 15. Advertising >>> Messages, Links, Images, DMs, In-game Items, and Signs advertising is not allowed.

▪ 16. Illegal Modifications >>> Lunar, Optifine, and Vanilla Minecraft are recommended. We will not allow autoclickers, auto placing schematica, illegal resourcepacks like xray, and any mods that would give you an advantage.

▪ 17. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia >>> We have a 0 tolerance policy and this will get you swiftly banned.